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Been a while. Whenever I get the motivation to write in here, I lose it faster than a Deion Sanders 4o. This week has been very long, semi interesting, but more frustrating than anything. Work was work. Sometimes it drives me nuts in there. As a general rule I keep a relatively care free mood with me most of the time, but a few things at work just really pissed me off this week. I guess ignorance is bliss for many. I felt like I was standing next to Paul Bunyan with all the tall tales that were being told. Hondo resigned, which was very strange for me. I didn’t know how to react. We’ll just keep it at that. It was odd. I finally got my car back yesterday, after having the thermostat, water pump, and coolant hose replaced. That was also very annoying not being able to drive anywhere. The NBA finals are set, and if the Lakers win and Kobe screams out “Anythings Possible” I’m going to go ape shit. I’m really tired right now so I’ma wrap it up, I think I’m going to start updating more frequently again.



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