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I believe the phrase goes: “Hope springs eternal”. I certainly hope that is the case for me this coming season. It gets very frustrating to apply for a number of jobs and not even get a damn reply. I mean, honestly, I believe I am qualified to work literally any retail position. This does not require a rocket scientist. What makes me not qualified? I’d really love to know. This just leaves me wondering what the fuck do I have to do to get a job? What is the worth of a college degree anymore? I feel as if I have been lied to and led to believe that when I graduated that this piece of paper would get me a job. Its like growing up all you hear is graduate high school, go to college, be successful. Well, success, here I am patiently waiting. I feel like an idiot. I know plenty of people who have jobs that are not smarter than me. Most are, in fact, much less intelligent than I am. Shit. Do I need to go back to school and get another degree? Because thats not happening. Is this some sort of sign that I should be pursuing a career in coaching? Maybe. All I know is that this is probably the most frustrated that I’ve been in my entire life. I want to walk up to every retail manager that bypassed my application and slap them in the face.

Moving on. I will laugh if Duke moves ahead of UNC in the polls this week. Of course I guess the polls don’t mean shit, so whatever. 

I’m really excited for this coming weekend. I miss my friends terribly. Hell, I don’t even know who my friends are anymore. Dennis Green’s line “they are who we thought they were” no longer applies.  I’m really over Macomb, but I don’t know where I want to be. Color me confused.

You know what I would enjoy, is that if you read this, just drop me a comment. I’d really like that. 




  1. I often feel like slapping employers across the face as well. I also want to apologize for constantly pistol whipping you the other night via the video chat, haha, see you soon man!

  2. I believe Young Jeezy thinks we’re in a recession

    could be a reason you’re haven trouble gettin’ a job. I mean, there are also people with 20 years experience out of a job that are probably applying to the same ones your are… so its not going to be easy, but hard work always pays off in life.

    DKA Out.

  3. yo josh, i wish i weren’t leaving east lansing this weekend, but on second thought i can’t wait to get the fuck out of east lansing this weekend, just shitty timing i suppose.

    with regards to you trying to get a job, you gotta market yourself, make yourself more appealing to employers than all the other shitheads trying to get a job. you’re right, a simple degree doesn’t cut it nowadays, but think about what makes you unique and run with it.

  4. that last part probably sounded corny as all hell and we’ve all been hearing it since we got into college, but shit’s true

  5. Hey man, keep your head up with the job search. Looking for a job outside of Macomb? not a bad idea, I personally have no regrets about it. Hope the Dennis Green line still applies to me. Peace.

  6. intelligence doesn’t always get the job. for instance, it takes a retard to gather those shopping carts at meijer. I would refuse, because I know better. you can’t jus chill and wait for the employer to call, either. you gotta poke the sumbitch in the eyes til he hires you. maybe you should go slap an employer across the face (or the acceptable equivalent) just to make yourself known and remembered. bendy has a fake gun if you need it.

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