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The title of this post isn’t really referring specifically to the entry you are about to read, but rather the blog as a whole. Today I spent about 15 minutes reading posts on “F My Life”.com. I’m pretty sure that most of the posts on there are fake, but none the less hilarious.

Today Bud Selig had the gall to say that A-Rod “shamed the game”, in other news, I’d absolutely love to go a few rounds with Bud Selig. New flash to Bud: this is the game the way you created it.

I still haven’t gotten a hair cut, and I’m not really sure when I’m going to get one. I definitely miss actually doing my hair instead of just letting it go.

I’d like to reiterate how good of a movie Taken was. It was awesome. Don’t just take my word for it though, go see this in the theatres. You’ll at least learn something from it. 

Damn, I’m really scatterbrained.

It’s crazy how things revolutionize the way we live. What would I do without YouTube now days? I can’t imagine being able to just go and watch videos such as that reporter stomping grapes whenever I want. Owwwwwwwwwwwww owowowowowow! Phenomenal.

I cannot wait for the new season of Entourage coming this summer? I really don’t know when it starts back up, but you can best bet I’ll be tuned in to HBO that Sunday night. 

How boring would life be without a soundtrack? It would be like work to write these blogs without being able to enjoy a find tune while jabbing the keys. Tonight I’m trying out Drake, an artist recommended by D.A. Its refreshing to hear something new rather than the same old shit. There aren’t many things that compare to a good lyricist. Rap and Indie/Emo rock are two of the dwindling genres where the lyrics can be appreciated. I think thats what makes old school rock as well as 80’s hits re-listenable. 

I just googled the “monkey eating eagle” a bird I learned about in 7th grade. It eats snakes too. I like this bird.



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  1. I said this very thing last week. You get on youtube because you can’t remember the words to the theme song to “Charles in Charge” (Charles in Charge of our days and our niiiiiights) and you spend 6 hours on there looking at poop throwing monkeys and family guy quotes. Amazing. And the reporter bloopers as a whole: Priceless. The grape stomping is top 3 along with the woman sitting on a truck that seemingly explodes and a tie between the guy that gets knocked over by a plane and the black guy who curses for 20 seconds after a bug flies in his mouth.

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