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Today the Lakers played the Cavs in Cleveland. The Bean was supposedly puking before the game, whatever. Didn’t matter. Lamar Odom decided to live up to his enormous potential just this once. I’m convinced he singlehandedly killed the Cavs in the 3rd quarter. LeBron had a terrible showing, 16 points on 5-20 shooting. Those numbers look like me in a pickup game. I’m a little disappointed that I fell asleep in the fourth quarter (forgive me, I’m sick) but I did awake at the very end of the game to see the seconds tick off the Cavs’ home winning streak. 


If the NFL Pro Bowl happens in Hawaii and no one is there to see it, does it really happen?


Rob Dyrdek’s new show debuted tonight on MTV and it was entertaining. Thats pretty much all I’ve got on that. It wasn’t awe inspiring or anything. 


Andruw Jones signed a minor league deal with the Rangers 1 year after signing a 2 year $36 million deal with the Dodgers. Slippery slope huh Andruw? 


Today my dad and I moved my new bed that I had been using up at school last semester into my room at home, replacing my old bed. I forgot how spectacular this thing is. I could lay in bed all day. 



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