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If you understand the meaning behind the title of this blog, chances are you are one of my very best friends, a warlord among warlords. With some influence from Dan I’ve decided that every blog I write will be accompanied by a “song of the night”, a piece of music that I’ve been enjoying recently, or a classic that will never fade. We’ll get to the inaugural selection later. Tonight the Lakers beat the Celtics, even though Kobe had a horrible night shooting wise. Lakers to the ship! I think I’m getting a little bit sick, which if true, will suck. Of course not much could be worse than the sickness I went through last winter. My mom made this home made sweet and sour chicken tonight for dinner, and I was pleasantly surprised. Kudos Mom! I think a haircut could be a week or less away. Shits really starting to drive me insane. Speaking of things that are driving me insane, not having a job is high on that list. Today I applied at Toys-r-us and I was very depressed as I filled out the application. I’m pretty tired right now so I’m not sure how long this entry is going to be, my apologies. The other day Josh, Jon, and I were waltzing through Somerset when we saw Pavel Datsyuk (Red Wings All-Star Center) in front of the Gucci store. He appeared to be singing some sort of Russian tune, which was pretty funny and ethnic. I throughly enjoyed myself on the walking escalators in the Somerset sky walk, I could spend hours messing around on those. Tomorrow is Friday which means its the weekend, and that brings uncertainty as always. I wonder what kind of mischief I can get myself into this weekend. My eyes are slowing closing as I type this. I’m going to wrap this up, so without further ado, here is the very first song of the night….enjoy.


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