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I come to you tonight live from my couch. Chipper, my pug, is snoring approximately 12 feet to my ten o’clock. I am facing one of the windows in my family room facing my back yard, and subsequently, my favorite neighbors house. A Real World re-run is the soundtrack to my evening, and now they’re playing a Katy Perry video clip, I have a crush on her. The show is over, and I perused the Comcast On Demand menu, finding Boiler Room listed in the Starz section. I’m now half watching Boiler Room. It dawned on me today that the thing that probably bothers me most in my life right now is when Call of Duty is lagging. I thought to myself, if this is the worst thing that happens to you day in and day out, you lead a nice life.

Something I omitted from my post about my weekend, the prank phone call to Ben, for more information see Dan’s blog at You will not regret watching the video. If you recall, or you scroll down, I mentioned feeling like I have something stuck in my throat. It still feels like that and its starting to really bother me. There was a direction that I wanted to go with this post, but I think I’m going to save that theme for another day. Kobe went for 61 tonight. Tell me again how he isn’t the best players in the league? 

I’m going to bed.


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