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So for the past 4+ hours I’ve felt like I had something stuck in my throat, and its terribly uncomfortable. I hope it goes away soon. 

This weekend I decided that I needed to take a trip to East Lansing to keep my sanity. It was a much needed trip that I was very indecisive about making, and I’m glad I went up there. As I have previously mentioned here, I really miss college. Anyone who knows me obviously knows that I do not miss the class part of things. No, no,  I miss the friends that became extended family in 4 years. I will not bore you with this rant again, no worries for the 3 of you who read this. Anywho, back to the weekend. I arrived Friday at about Dusk. We decided we would go to Alicia’s party to start things off, then head to Drew’s birthday party. Bendy was Bendy, trying to flee as if he was a late 1930’s jew in Germany and heard that the Nazis were raiding his place at exactly 10:30 p.m. Dan and Bendy left at about quarter to 11, Ty, Alli, Hannah, and myself stayed back for about 20 minutes after the departure of our friends. Little do they know, that during this 20 minutes we did whippets, free based cocaine, tried meth, and smoked 3 rocks, it was an interesting night to say the least. So the 4 of us peace and go to Alicia’s. Ty and I strike up a riveting conversation with some unnamed partygoers there, then talk amongst ourselves about our overall intelligence compared to our peers surrounding us. Al and Han talk to Alicia. It was good to see her, it had been a long time. This is really dragging, so I’ma end this paragraph quick. We peace, go to Drew’s, indulge in some free beers, see an asshole in a full blown rabbit costume, dick around, Scott and Steve show up, good to see them, then we dipset.

Saturday night we (me ty da) head to the girls’ place. Alex and Chuck join us, as well as Natalie, her boyfriend Jeff, and some of her Trippers co-workers, Molly, Katie and some of her friends, Schweers and I think thats it. Dan, Ty, Chuck, and I engage in a Euchre game, which is nice because I hadn’t played in a minute. We were going to bounce to a party but some of us decided that we’d rather stay there, so we did. That about sums that up. 

I like the atmosphere up there so much more than here at home. For example, the other night I go to B-Dubs with Jon and Josh and we see this fuckin chach with a sleeveless t-shirt and a bandanna on, covering his “new haircut”. Dude its fucking January in Michigan and you’re wearing a sleeveless, point made.

I’ll write more on this tomorrow, for now, I’m tired.


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  1. Hahah, you dropped so many suttle slang in there. Good read.

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