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I really need to decide what I’d like to do with my life. Lately I’ve been feeling as if I chose the wrong career path. I really don’t know if I want to write bullshit stories about sports for the rest of my life. Going to games for work seems like it would ruin the experience for me. Also, I’d really like to do something more meaningful. I feel like all I’ve been doing lately is wasting time, exactly what I don’t want to be doing. I need to find something to occupy my time that is at least somewhat productive. I’m not really sure what to do with my hair either. Its getting pretty long, just about to the end of my nose, and a decision needs to be made as to what I want to do with it. I can’t wait for baseball season. I’m really looking forward to taking a potential road trip with Jon and Don. Who knows if that will pan out, but I hope it does. Today I saw a job opening posted for Northern California and I’m thinking about applying for it. That’d be quite the adventure, moving by myself 2,000 miles away. I looked and the city, Redding, is crazy far away from all the major cities in Cali. I’d really like to see the West Coast and all of that, so I need to make it out there some day, who knows when. It just seems like there is so much always going on out there. Barca plays Espanyol in the second leg of the Copa Del Rey quarterfinals tomorrow, should be good to watch on the DVR Friday. I really regret not hanging out with friends more last semester. Looking back I feel like I really didn’t do all that much and I wish I would have.  After perusing facebook, I can officially say that I hate people who plan their lives around the next time they’ll get drunk. Honestly, get a fuckin life. Yes, sometimes I enjoy drinking, sometimes I enjoy binge drinking, great. I don’t go around advertising this to people, and I don’t feel the need to tell people that I love beer and liquor or whatever else. Drinking has become the new cigarettes. People are starting to think they’re cool just because they can chug 16 beers in a night. Congratulations, a lot of people can do that, but they aren’t fucking assholes who broadcast it to the world. People in Macomb Township are so fuckin lame and childish. Some people never grow up I guess. *End of rant. So Valentines Day is coming up, we’ll see if I decide to make that interesting. Also approaching is the Super Bowl, which is much closer. Heres my prediction: the only reason I will give a shit about the outcome is because I hate the Steelers. Go Cardinals. I’m a fan of your team for the day. U of M and Duke lost today in basketball….happy day.


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  1. From career dilemma straight into hair dilemma, beautiful. Lord knows I love me a Josh straight out of the shower with the Gordon Gecko look, but that’s just me.

    Maybe Wall Street is your calling.

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