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What to say about tonight…I really don’t know where to begin. I’m going to describe it in vivid detail. I open the garage door and click my key fob, unlocking my car and blinding me with a flicker of the headlights. I notice its snowing, not heavily, but profusely enough to cover the roads. I hop in the car and turn the key, no Cadillac, my car does not return the favor. I back out of my driveway and as I head towards Jon’s house, I notice that the streets are glistening. All this means is that the snow that has melted on the road is probably turning to ice. Noted. I make my way towards Jon’s, almost spinning out making a left turn. I arrive, the fire has not been brought yet, but don’t worry Kevin Rudolf, that part is coming. Jon and I head to Justin’s house, he drives. I ask for a guest list, indirectly asking how bad of a time I will have. Jon gives me the run down, worse than I originally thought. On the way we stop at CVS, Jon stops for a drink, I enter the establishment for kicks. I contemplate buying a new A&W root beer float beverage, I ultimately decide the purchase is unneeded. Jon snags a Tiger Woods approved Gatorade and a pack of “Everlasting Mint” Stride, he pays, we exit, seeing an acquaintance on the way out who tells us to have a good weekend. Jon and I assume we will be seeing this person at Justin’s, we don’t. We turn into the subdivision and proceed to come to the realization that Jon has no idea where the hell he is going. He makes a phone call and rights the ship. We arrive. Remember that fire I spoke of earlier? It has made its appearance. Stacy answers the door, saying she is watching the house. This peaks my interest. Why are you watching the house, Jon asks. She says the door was left open and Justin’s dog Bob streaked out as if he was Randy Moss looking to haul in a Brady bomb. After about 3 minutes of waiting, Justin and 3 others arrive, Bob in hand. With Justin is John, Sara, and some other dude whom I’ve never met (*note: still haven’t met, despite hanging out with him tonight). Justin and John are very noticeably drunk, this will either be interesting or terrible. Hint, its the latter. We march down stairs, and a game of Presidents and Assholes ensues. Unless you are a)drunk or b) looking to get drunk, this game sucks. I was neither. I take a spot on the couch to watch the Winter X-Games. Justin recruits me to play Ps and As, and hands me a beer. Wonderful. After the first hand is played, I lose, I am now the Asshole, which is ironic, because it could be argued that I was one of the few playing the game who actually isn’t an asshole. Jon and Cliff are watching the X-Games, I’m envious. A few more hands are played, I am no longer the asshole. As I sit drinking a room temperature Bud Light I thank God many times that I’m not one of the other assholes that surround me at this table. I discretely text Jon “Wanna leave soon??”. Soon he replies “Yes”. Barton is now off work, we’ll meet him somewhere for a drink. First, we need an exit strategy. Suddenly, I have to get up early tomorrow, 9:30 to be exact. “Early for me” I say. Jon and I say our goodbyes, then drop to our knees as we get upstairs and say a prayer that we’re leaving. Upon our exit we run into Evan. We tell him it sucks, this will not be the last we see of him tonight. It is determined that we will pick up Barton as we are right by his house. We trek to Dooley’s. Dooley’s is absolutely packed, and there is a decent sized group of people we went to high school with there. We exit immediately. We head to B-Dubs. Evan calls Jon, Evan will meet us at B-Dubs. We grab a table in the bar area, Jon orders a Coors Light, Barton a Newcastle, I opt for the liquid of the earth, water. The waiter asks if I’m 21, I say yes. He comes back with the drinks and takes our order, boneless wings for Jon and Barton, just fries for me, with parmesan garlic sauce on the side. Soon Evan arrives, he is glad to no longer be at Justin’s. Boneless wings and a Coors for Evan, sir. We have some good food and some good conversation. We make Super Bowl plans, Pizza Hut at my house. A few beers/waters later, we pay and exit. Jon tosses me his keys, he’s buzzed. No problem, I’d rather drive then have him. We get to Jon’s house, it’s determined that we will all play Call of Duty 4 before bed. Barton and I get in my car. I drop off Barton and proceed home. Steve and Monica are still up, as is Chipper, Brittany is sleeping. I have a short chat with them, and mess with Chip a little bit. They are now going to bed. I change into some pjs and start up my Xbox. Our first game is a devastating loss, we then win a close one, get our asses kicked, and win big to end the night. Jon and Barton have to work tomorrow. I come back to my computer and create this entry. Friday January 24. 


I’m really glad Dan turned me on to Kid Cudi. Amazing artist is Cudi. A Kid Named Cudi and 808’s and Heartbreak rule my life.


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