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…on rock and rolllllllllllll

The Cab is an excellent band if you’re looking for something that will brighten your day, excellent. Looking back to what I previously mentioned about music taking me back to the time when I first heard it/listened to it a lot, The Cab definitely brings me back to the summer of 08. It seems like last summer was years ago. I really miss hopping in the car and driving to the Hannah Community Center to take part in a pickup futbol game with the local Mexican transplants. Although I’m terrible at soccer, it was plenty of fun none the less. Speaking of soccer, its quickly becoming my third favorite sport behind baseball and football. I think if FC Barcelona was located in the U.S. and I could actually go see them play live, it could potentially move up the list. I really love watching their games on GolTV. Messi>C. Ronaldo. 


Something I really cannot believe is how incredibly dumb some people are. That combined with severe immaturity. It’s really astonishing. I mean, honestly, when will people begin acting like adults. Sure I’d love to stay young forever. I would love to make prank phone calls all the time, or run around like a moron in public, but I’m 22 years old, I’m not going to be doing that ever again. It’s really sad how some people just cannot make that transition from high school to college and beyond. 


I’m really content with the people I’ve been hanging out with lately at home. Sure my group of friends now consists of like 4 people, but I’ll take quality over quantity everyday. I just miss my friends from school a lot. Thats not to say the people I hang out with at home are bad in any way, thats just to say that after spending the past few years hanging with the same people, I miss them after not seeing them for a month plus. I miss Bendey bitching about everyone getting ready to go out at a decent hour, or disappearing to his room and throwing in the ear buds. I miss DA bringing home asian girls then never calling them again, or our late night chats after a night of drinking, or sobriety. I miss Ty’s logical analysis of every situation and laid back attitude. I miss Sam and our great chats back in 180 S. Wonders, and those damn adorable hedgehogs. I miss Hanna and the about 8 month period where we would always clarify that we were joking with each other. I miss Alli and the mom dance, and that HUGE cheesecake. I miss Stone Cold Lon Austin and LEGAL ABINDMENT!!!!, and the first night we hung out when I said she looked like Kimora Lee Simmons. I miss Molly and her excessive dancing when drunk…..ok I lied I don’t miss that, but I do miss how she always confided in me. I miss Natalie and the cheer she brought everyday, no matter what. I miss Julia and…….I miss Alicia and watching Top Gun and Risky Business together…oh wait a sec….that never happened. I miss Katie being Katie. 


So for a while now, I’ve been facebook friends with Greg from The Real World L.A. and I must say, after being a fan of his on the show, this guy is totally oblivious to the world and is a complete douche bag. 


I think that opening a bar with a bunch of friends would be bad ass for about 2 years. I feel like after that point, it would become our own personal hell. Skanks would run rampant, and guidos with new hair cuts would be chasing the skanks like Tyrone Biggums chases rocks.  It’d be so tight at first, having a cool place to hang out, seeing some profits coming in etc. After a while it would become too much like a job. 


I don’t really understand the fascination with fraternities/sororities. Maybe I’m missing something here, but you’re paying to meet a bunch of friends and party with them…..and…what else? 


Next I want to address this Obama thing. First off, I will say that this blog will never become politically charged. Honestly though, ok, great, Obama was elected. I voted for him, and am happy that he won, but lets reserve all of this praise and so forth until something comes of the election. He has done absolutely nothing yet, and while I hope to God that he succeeds, we aren’t going to know for a couple of years at least. People are really jumping the gun here rather quickly. Yay, its a win for black people, blah blah. Frankly, not even that has been determined yet. What if he is a terrible President? Then is it not a huge loss for African Americans? I’m not saying that that is the correct conclusion to come to, because it isn’t, but for the majority of dumb ass America, is that not the conclusion that will be drawn? I really hope he succeeds.


I think I’m going to leave it on that note tonight.



  1. word to missing treehouse, and I have never been complimented on my logical evaluations before. nicely done josh.

  2. I enjoy our conversations. Although I think if someone charted them, they’d see a trend where we recycle our discussions every three months haha. But recycling is good, it’ll one day save the earth.

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