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So I’m bored as ever. Figured this would be a good time to actually start this thing. Why would you care to read this? I’m not sure, but when you’re here you’re family…world to Olive Garden. A “Sham-Wow” commercial just came on. Tell me this, why the hell does this dude have on a headset? Dude thinks hes working at Abercrombie…..And I digress. You may be asking yourself…”Josh, its been a while, what’ve you been up to?” Well, I recently got my throat sliced open and then burned shut. In other words, I got my tonsils out. After 2+ weeks, I’m finally feeling pretty good. I can swallow pretty much painlessly now, only a little bit sore. Right side is worse than the left, but I’m guessing thats b/c my right tonsil was so damn huge. 

In other news, Brett Favre is quickly becoming one of my least favorite people. I love how this dude was retired, and now he thinks hes owed something from the Packers. News flash Brett, when you tell someone you’re retired, they give your job to someone else. G.B. has spent the entire offseason preparing Aaron Rodgers to take over at QB, and all the sudden they drop everything because Brett changed his mind? Bullshit, thats not fair to the organization, as well as Rodgers. Considering his rights are at the Packers disposal, his only options are to ride pine in Wisconsin, or plead for a trade. I know if I was the Packers, I’d tell him to get the hell out of here. 
So all I’ve been doing lately is watching movies. I’ve come across a couple very good ones, and a few really shitty ones. We’ll start with the terrible. Anyone who saw the previews for “Strange Wilderness” and didn’t laugh, especially at the shark laughing part, would have hated this movie even more than I did. The normally at least bearable Steve Zahn grabbed some Cottonelle, and wiped his performance off his ass in this one. (Translation: he was….well you know) Jonah Hill dropped the ball, which was suprising, and the rest of the cast was forgettable. 
Another flick I had the privilege of returning was Walk Hard. This one was a tad better than Strange Wilderness, if only for the fact that I chuckled a couple of times during it, and because Jenna Fischetti was in it. Other than that, it deserved to be picked up by Waste Management. It didn’t help that I was watching it with my parents, and there was an extended male frontal nudity scene. Awkward with a capital D. Needless to say, I was disappointed in John C. Reilly. 
Now on to the worthwhile flicks, the first of which is Goal! a movie about an aspiring soccer player who gets discovered by a former Newcastle United player who gets him a tryout with the English club. After the normal dramatic trials and tribulations, he proves himself worthy of a shot. The rest of the story you’ll have to see for yourself. I’m not sure if it was my newfound love for European Football that drew me into this movie, or if it was the plot but either way, I loved this one. The best part about it was that there was always something happening. You never have to sit around and wait for whats next in this one. Aside from the cliche David Beckham cameo, Zinedene Zidane and Figo made an appearance. Great movie overall.
This next one I was very surprised by. Today I watched “Stop Loss” the MTV movie starring Ryan Phillippe and Channing Tatum. Phillippe had a very entertaining performance. Although at some points in the movie, it felt a bit predictable, it also felt very real, as if they had spent some time with some real soldiers before they shot the movie. Basically this was just one of those entertaining movies that played well to someone my age, considering the characters are about my age and I identified with them. It wasn’t incredibly deep, but it was paced well and served its purpose. 
Well, thats about it for now. Thanks for reading.

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